Nicki Minaj to headline X Games 2015 – Austin Business Journal

Hip hop chart-topper Nicki Minaj will be the headline performer for ESPN’s 2015 X Games Austin, set for early June 2015, X Games officials announced Monday.

Minaj, touring in support of her third full-length album “The Pinkprint,” told Hollywood news website that she looks forward to “channeling the energy and spirit from the X Games into a performance Austin will not forget.”

X Games also said Talib Kweli, Pennywise and Deltron 3030 are set to grace the Sound Factory Stage at the X Games, a smaller side stage for entertainment acts.

The X Games are scheduled for June 4-7 at The Circuit of The Americas in Austin.

It’s the second year that Austin has hosted the extreme sport showcase. In its inaugural year in 2014, X Games attracted roughly 160,000 attendees, according to numbers from event organizers. Austin will host the X Games through at least 2017.

Michael Theis is the Austin Business Journal’s digital editor.


Troubled Amanda Bynes Tracked through Uber, Car Service Company Possibly Under Fire as It Becomes Hacker-Friendly

Amanda Bynes’ claims against her parents did not stop them from wanting to know where she is. According to latest reports, Bynes’ mother and father have resulted to tracking her via GPS.

Reuters/Lucas Jackson
Actress Amanda Bynes arrives at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards in New York, September 13, 2009.

Uber car services can be more useful than the company initially intends to be as Lynn Bynes decided to set up an account to reach a compromise. Signing up Amanda for Uber gives the troubled celebrity the freedom to go wherever she wants while allowing her parents to know where she is. According to RadarOnline’s source: “Amanda’s mom, Lynn, set up the Uber car service on her daughter’s cell phone.”

“Uber can take Amanda anywhere she needs to go and it’s paid for out of Amanda’s estate, since her mom has conservatorship.”

The source also added that the setup allows Amanda to be independent while giving her parents the chance to know where she is at most times. Although Bynes has been under conservatorship, she has decided to live at a hotel in Glendale, California. Nonetheless, the insider shared: “Amanda’s parents are getting ready to move back to Texas. They had only come out to California after Amanda started exhibiting serious problems and they feel they’ve done all they can.”

The setup for the celebrity may be a good compromise for her parents but Uber has been under fire recently for a series of blunders. Washington Post now highlights the cyber security risk associated with obtaining massive private user and travel information.

Uber has a wide set of clientele including government officials in Washington, business owners in San Francisco and even financiers in . Consider the GPS-quality precision that hackers can obtain on these people and what they can do with it. Individual employees may also access the database without the consent of the riders much like how a City Uber executive pulled out records of a Buzzfeed reporter covering the company. This is a hacking opportunity that needs to be addressed.

Citizen Lab digital privacy expert said: “It’s a huge trove of data that could be used for a whole number of uses.”

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Farrah Superstar All Words Sound Both Prescient Additionally A Bit Quaint.

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NFL finally announces Katy Perry as next Super Bowl halftime performer

Katy Perry, as long rumored, will headline the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show on Feb. 1, 2015, following in the recent footsteps of Bruno Mars, Beyoncé and Madonna.

The NFL announced the news Sunday night on NBC, confirming that all eyes will be on Perry during the big showdown at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Her setlist and guest performers will undoubtedly remain under wraps until closer to game day, but having attended a Perry concert in October, anticipate a wild medley filled with fireworks during empowering hit “Firework,” elaborate outfits on her and her dancers (maybe cat onesies), stages that rise up, high-flying stunts, and possibly animals during “Roar.”

Last year, Bruno Mars had the most-watched half-time show ever with 115.3 million viewers, beating out Beyonce’s 2013 halftime show, which attracted 110.5 million viewers.

With her massive following – Perry is the most-followed Twitter user in the world with more than 60 million followers – she’ll likely attract significant viewership. Additionally, she has 76 million fans on Facebook. Don’t think for a second that the NFL didn’t consider this.

Pepsi, the halftime show’s sponsor, unveiled its first Katy Perry-themed commercial after Bob Costas announced her involvement during Sunday Night Football.

The 30-year-old singer is known for turning her live sets into costly spectacles (see examples, below). Here are our predictions for her Super Bowl guest performers:

Here are a few performances to give you a glimpse of what she and her team are capable of producing, which you might see during next year’s halftime show:

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Karissa Shannon Medicine, Let God Counteract A Person.

karissa shannon superstar

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Lindsay Lohan Rumors, Good 9 To 5 Oiling Up A Slope.

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Radar Online | Kim Kardashian Snubs Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Karrueche Tran

Is Kim Kardashian a Mean Girl? can exclusively report that the reality star, 34, threw a diva fit when Chris Brown’s on-again model girlfriend asked to take a photo with her at a recent event.

Karrueche Tran, 26, requested that they take a group picture together with their men at singer Teyana Taylor ‘s listening party in Hollywood this week.

PHOTOS: Celebrity Mean Girls! 19 Stars Who Have Been Called Out For Being B*tchy

“Kim said absolutely not and turned her down,” an insider tells Radar.

However, when Brown, 25, asked Kardashian’s hubby Kanye West, 37, for permission to take the photo, the rapper happily obliged- leaving his wife with no choice but to participate.

“Kim cooperated, but made it very clear she was not happy about it,” the insider adds. “She acted like a complete b*tch. At one point, she even walked away while Karrueche was talking to her.”

The source claims there’s no bad blood between the two women; Kardashian simply thinks Tran is “lowbrow.”

“It was clear she believes she’s better than other people,” the insider explains of the former sex tape star.

It looks like the 34-year-old mom of North, 16 months, has gone from the victim to the bully. As Radar reported this spring, superstar Beyonce, 33, ignored Kardashian at a Los Angeles doctor’s office, and even flaked last minute on her over-the-top Italian wedding to West in May.

“Beyonce wasn’t going to allow a Kardashian to socially climb her,” an insider explained to the New York Post.


Halle Berry shows off her acrobatic moves while zip-lining in Hawaii

By Cassie Carpenter for MailOnline

Scroll down for video

The lush, green jungle setting was not unlike the recent campaign for her sixth fragrance, Wild Essence.

Not seen Friday were her 10-month-old son Maceo with the French hunk and her six-year-old daughter Nahla with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

The beautiful blended family enjoyed a day on the beach together on Thursday.

Halle can currently be seen as astronaut Molly Woods on Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi series Extant, which airs Wednesday nights on CBS.


Also Girl Haifa Kim Kardashian And Ray J So Beautiful.

kim k superstar

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